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Black Panther leaps to lead of box office again

Disney and Marvel are riding Black Panther all the way to bank of Wakanda thanks to a second incredible weekend at the box office. North American results included $108 million in ticket sales, making for the second biggest second weekend behind only Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The film brought int $191.8M globally making is grand world wide total so far $704 million.

The $400M domestic total places Black Panther in the top 5 of Marvel Cinematic Universe already with weeks to go in its box office run. It’s second weekend performance was only a 47% loss, which is a strong result, even for a blockbuster.

Black Panther is even pulling the entire box office up in 2018. Domestic revenue year-to-date is posted at a remarkable 12.5 percent lift over the same period last year after a slow start before Black Panther arrived on scene, according to comScore.

The film has opened internationally in most of the big markets, however, Japan, China and Russia are still ahead. If global performance continues to perform well, Black Panther could easily rank as high as #2 on the all time list for Marvel cinematic universe releases.

Directory Ryan Coogler and Marvel Studios have clearly tapped into something culturally significant. Disney’s film distribution head admits that the movie is playing ahead of their forecasts too.

If you know one of the four people in your town who have seen Black Panther yet, grab them and go see the movie again.