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Merchandise Update: Checking in at Fort Wilderness

The Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground might be the last place you think of booking when planning a Disney vacation. However, it’s one of the oldest resorts at Walt Disney World and full of many of the most unique experiences you can have while immersed in the magic not to mention nature.

We recently popped by Fort Wilderness for a dinner with some friends from out of town at Trail’s End and took a moment to visit the Settlement Trading Post, which is the store closest to most food and entertainment activities at the resort.

It looks like they have some new designs.

In addition to the T-shirts, there were coffee mugs, bumper stickers, and key chains.

Now you and your campsite can be stylish while you’re camped out in the great outdoors. Even if you haven’t stayed at Fort Wilderness you have to admit some of these designs are pretty snazzy and might make a good souvenir. Do you see anything you like?