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Star Wars themed hotel – new details unveiled by Disney

The big D23 Expo Japan announcements gave us a tantalizing new look at guests of the Star Wars themed resort coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Bob Chapek, chair of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, announced that the hotel would be seamlessly integrated with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

I’m not sure that was breaking news. It had been discussed that guests of the hotel would spend part of their day being citizens of that galaxy far, far away in the hotel, but also have unique access to Galaxy’s Edge. But I am impressed with this new concept art:

The new motion graphic concept art shows a room where hotel guests are engaged in a variety of activities that you might find aboard a Star Wars starship. Here it looks like they’re coordinating a rebel attack on the First Order. It’s possible that somewhere else in the hotel, there’s another room where guests can pretend to be First Order forces too (although who roots for the bad guys, come’on).

The conceit of the hotel is that guests board a shuttle to ascend into space where the hotel is located. Guests will be able to dress up in proper attire and become active role players on the ship. When the hotel opens there are expected to be only 400 hotel rooms. So you will be encountering the same guests over and over again, like on a small cruise ship, only your port of call is the planet Batuu.

Every window in the hotel will provide a view into space. In theory, if you’re orbiting a planet, every window should provide the same view from a slightly different angle (coordinating that enormous view of space behind the scenes to provide a cohesive universe is an interesting accomplishment).

Since guests are in space, that seamless integration with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will probably involve a shuttle ride back to the surface (unless Star Trek’s transporter technology has been invented in the Star Wars galaxy). Anyone who remembers the old hydrolaters at EPCOT’s Living Seas pavilion will recall how quickly you’ll yearn for an alternate root into the pavilion. Especially if all you need to do is return to your room to pick up a pair of sunglasses or some baby food. Let’s hope Disney will provide that option.

Disney also provided us a preview of some of the toys that will be available at the Toydarian street market in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on the planet Batuu. The Toydarian is a character first introduce in “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” and among the things he sells will be handcrafted toys made by local artisans.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is set to open in 2019, but no word yet on if the Star Wars themed hotel will open at the same time.

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