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New Area Soundtrack debuts at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The next time you visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios you won’t see the newest update to the park, but you will hear it. The park has updated the background music soundtrack to match the tone and story of the park’s updated narrative. Just like a film soundtrack, a theme park’s music is key to providing a complete experience for the guest.

At the park’s main entrance, Disney has shifted to big band arrangements of familiar Disney tunes to get your day started off right. After you enter the park, the music transitions to popular songs from the 30s and 40s, also in the big band style that comes to a crescendo as you approach the Chinese Theater.

Throughout the park, the music complements each area’s setting and time frame. From brassy horns near Echo Lake and jazz at the new BaseLine Tap House, to the sounds of live concert performances outside Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, it’s music to your ears.

“As Imagineers, we always look for ways to enhance the story we are telling our guests, and the music in our parks is a powerful tool we use to ground the story in a time and place,” stated Alex Grayman, art director, Walt Disney Imagineering. “At Disney’s Hollywood Studios guests can experience their own adventures and music lends an air of authenticity by adding detail in each immersive setting.”

According to theme park design tenets, background music is one of the key elements that unifies different themed areas. It serves the unconscious demands of the guest to have all five senses match the experience their eyes are delivering to them.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios will see a lot of changes over the next few years as a new Mickey Mouse theme attraction opens, plus two whole new lands debut – Toy Story Land and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. When you visit, be sure to open your ears and well as your eyes and let us know what you think of the park’s new soundtrack.

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  1. Any chance any of the original WDW background music will ever be made available on CD or via download? Some of it can be found on YouTube, but it can be a challenge to find what you want. It’d be great to hear some of the old stuff from the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT Center, Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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