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Merchandise Updates – Fun Baseball Caps at Magic Kingdom

The elusive Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ears and the less than elusive, but still hard to find Cyan Minnie Mouse ears are all the talk of social media, but on a recent trip to the Magic Kingdom I spotted a few more head coverings that I’d like to nominate for your wardrobe.

A trip to Walt Disney World is not complete for me unless I get a chance to see some of the new merchandise Disney’s talented team has prepared for the shelves. Yesterday was my first trip to the parks in the new year and I did manage to spot a few gems.

A few months ago we made a merchandise update that focused on a great new line of t-shirts at Walt Disney World that highlighted some of the great things about being a fan of Disney. Often irreverent and funny, these shirts were things I would want to wear or could easily imagine other Disney fans wearing.

A new line of baseball caps takes the same idea to a new level.

Can you envision wearing any of these great caps yourself?

2 thoughts on “Merchandise Updates – Fun Baseball Caps at Magic Kingdom”

  1. The “If you can read this” hat is my favorite.

    As to the purple wall, apparently, the new trend is to take pictures of yourself in front of various walls around the parks. A lot of the walls themselves have Instagram accounts. The purple wall is in Tomorrowland.

  2. Lots of cute ones! The ears are adorable but give me a headache, so I’m happy when I can find a fun Disney hat. Thanks for the update!

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