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D23’s exclusive member gift for 2018 honors Mickey Mouse!

The official fan club for the Walt Disney Company D23 hosts real world events like the D23 Expo, regional events and experience, and maintains an online website where fans of the the Disney company can broaden their knowledge of the company that all started with a mouse. For the past two year’s they’ve given out membership gifts honoring Walt Disney’s Nine old men. This year they’re going in a new direction.

The 2018 D23 membership gift will honor the one who started it all – Mickey Mouse.

This exclusive collection, available only to D23 Gold and Gold Family Members who join in or renew for 2018, chronicles the career of everyone’s favorite mouse, from Steamboat Willie to Shanghai Disneyland.

The gift contains 23 reproduced archival treasures that follow Mickey as he transitions from black and white to radiant color, including a miniature animation cel representing Mickey’s first color appearance; a Sorcerer’s Apprentice record cover; a 1978 “Happy Birthday, Mickey” button; a Disney Channel launch party napkin featuring a familiar Mickey-shaped satellite; and a colorful souvenir gift bag from the early days of Tokyo Disneyland. Through it all, Mickey mirrors Walt Disney’s own optimistic spirit and proves himself to be that rare celebrity who is, and always will be, both a global icon and a personal friend to all.

Carefully curated by D23 and with items beautifully reproduced under the supervision of the Walt Disney Archives, the 2018 D23 Gold Member Gift is housed in a beautiful keepsake: a book-like box, perfect for display or safekeeping on your Disney bookshelf.

Learn more about the items in the gift package or sign up for a membership on the D23 website.

2 thoughts on “D23’s exclusive member gift for 2018 honors Mickey Mouse!”

  1. Are they finally going to hold the Expo here on the east coast….NY city has the Javits Center as well as Madisin Square Garden for things like this….or do we get shafted like always? I stopped paying for D23 since I get nothing for it other than the right to buy merchandise that says D23. And yes, I am a stockholder, too. Are you listening Disney?

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