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Guest yells “Lock Him Up” during Hall of Presidents Show

A revised Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom just reopened a few weeks ago with a robotic representation of Donald Trump giving a speech on stage in front of 43* other Presidential audio-animatronic figures. Even before Trump moved into the White House, the Hall of Presidents had become a bit of a touch point between audience members who reacted one way or another to the favorite, or most hated, President on stage (Taft, perhaps, deserving more than he gets).

Eventually one of those outbursts would be directed at Trump and caught on video. That moment was today as we see in this video on on YouTube where a guest is heard yelling “Lock him up” during the show.

I love the guest yelling, “he’s not real!” By the end of this video it appears that a scuffle breaks out. Not sure if it’s Disney Security reaching the yelling guest or someone in the audience taking offense more directly?

Additionally there is a video that appears to be from the protestor himself. He starts yelling at the 1:21 minute mark.

You can hear another guest in there who was less charitable calling the protestor an asshole. Malsky’s twitter page indicates that he is a character actor from New York, NY. Last week he asked his followers what he should throw at Trump when he visited Disney World and had a chance to go on the Hall of Presidents attraction.

I feel sorry for the cast members that have to endure the bad feelings the controversy around the current President’s time in the White House stirs in communities that are feeling oppressed by his policies. For a while Disney has security guards stationed inside the theater. I don’t know if they were still there for this show.

While I don’t blame people for speaking up in protest, I’m not sure an attraction in the middle of the Magic Kingdom is the place to do it. The show is not about any particular President, rather it’s about how the American people and the concept of a functioning democracy was uniquely born and endures in the United States. Protesting at the Hall of Presidents show is in some way protesting the very system that makes us free.

When they decided to re-open the Hall of Presidents, the right call in my opinion, Disney was in a no-win situation. If they gave Trump a non-speaking role, that could have been interpreted as a controversial move. On the other hand, we now can be sure that having him speak will lead to more moments like the that were caught on video today. Perhaps Disney needs to take another swing at this version of the show to downplay the controversy?

We’re endeavoring to find out what happened to the protesting guest and will update here if we do.

*Note: Grover Cleveland served as President twice in two non consecutive terms, but there’s only one AA of him

24 thoughts on “Guest yells “Lock Him Up” during Hall of Presidents Show”

  1. The sitting president never spoke until 1993, when Bill Clinton was put into the show. The show should return to that format. There is no need for the current president — no matter who it is — to speak.

    Personally, I just won’t be seeing the show until at least 2021 or impeachment, whichever comes first. No man who brags about sexually assaulting women deserves any respect at all, no matter what position he holds.

  2. I wouldn’t shout at a robot at Disney. However, I sure understand the need to protest. In future, we will all be asked what we did to try to stop Trump, much like after World War 2, Germans were asked…’why didn’t you see the evil of the 3rd Reich and do something about it?’
    Trump does fit in, with some of the other Presidents in some ways. Nixon clearly broke a number of laws and would have gone to jail if it weren’t for Ford’s pardon. And of course there are a number of people represented there that OWNED other people.
    Trump’s most famous speech of course was recorded on the Access Hollywood bus. It would have been interesting if the robot had said those notorious words.

  3. Is it true they are handing out bags of Cheetos at the exit?? Just kidding, but really I can’t stand the current president but would never think of protesting to a robot form of him……and if that clown was recording his own protest then I’m sure it was just to see how many clicks he can get on line to I also won’t be watching the video because it’s my right.

    1. Malsky is just looking for attention and wants to advance his own career. It’s sad how people are obsessed with their social media to make them feel important. No matter what your political views are, you need to show respect when you are watching a show. How would he like it if someone started screaming slurs at him during one of his stage shows? That person would be called all kinds of things that I would not post on a Disney site.

      1. Only a self centered, disrespectful person would ask what he should throw at an animatronic at Disney World. I’m sure Malsky demands respect from the audience in his show. He is just showing ignorance by having no manners for anyone else in that audience trying to watch the show. He only cares about making himself look cool to his Facebook followers by shouting at an animatronic of Trump. A Disney attraction is not the place to spew political hatred.

  4. Just Pathetic. Show some respect for the office of the president. He is our president like it or not. Enough with the “protests” that do absolutely nothing but just create more division in this country. If they want to make a change, go into politics or go volunteer with a group that needs help. The Hall of Presidents is about our history and is a place to learn. When I take my kids there this year the last thing I need to worry about is someone shouting disgusting negative slurs where it is totally inappropriate. People need to be taught manners and respect. There is a time and place for everything and Disney is not the place to act high and mighty about your political views.

    1. Elisabeth, while they shouldn’t be protesting a robot and I just won’t seeing the show, Trump were shouting Lock Her UP about Hillary and much worse. Disney disgraced themselves by endorsing every single disgusting thing Trump ever said.

    2. I don’t think citizens can be asked to show respect for the office when 45 himself does not do so. He acts like it’s all a publicity stunt, and makes decisions that effect the whole country, based on what’s best for him. And if your working about negative slurs, I’d keep your kids out of ear shot any time 45 speaks.

      When it comes to the attraction, I get that Disney did what they had to do. I also get why they dragged their feet. It was a hard call to make and I think they did the right thing… Kinda. Controversial or not, I don’t think they should have had him speak. The company has made no bones about not standing for sexual harassment, and he is currently accused many, many times over. If Mario Betali can’t be on The Chew, 45 doesn’t need to have a speaking role in the attraction.

  5. My political leanings are very different from the current President and administration – but, what good does disrupting the show do? The animatronic can’t hear him, lol. What a half-wit.

  6. Maybe they should pass out pamphlets on all the great things accomplished by our President this year. They could also give people a pamphlet on how to get metal assistance and when to know if you need it, i.e. “protesting” by shouting at robots in a theater.

  7. I will admit that doing it atDisney is not the place…but really? Manners and respect? He has none….lies each and every day to the American people…has sent this beautiful country down an evil path from which we may never recover. He deserves no respect for only doing what will benefit him…his rich buddies and his brand. He has now spent 130 days out of DC on one of his golf places….playing….on your tax money! I DO NOT want to hear him speak at Hall of Presidents. Are you listening Disney?

  8. I, for one, will not be visiting the HoP until #45 is out of office. I don’t want to make the CMs clean up my protein spill…..

  9. Disney is about entertainment, not political views. Don’t ruin the show for the other people who know how to act like a civil human being. This kind of nonsense is scary for the children in the audience who don’t understand what is going on. The lack of respect from some people is so disgusting. Hillary is the one who should have been locked up if you listen to the real news.

  10. If you don’t like the President Trump’s, why would you go the Hall of Presidents if the first place. Just do what I did for the eight years Obama was in there, I avoided it. You can go back in another seven years.

  11. I loved hearing Barack Obama speak…an intelligent, classy man who brought dignity and respect to the office of the President. But for now? For this man? Disney needs to cut the speech to avoid this kind of reaction from so many who are angered…and when they file taxes will be livid….about this person in the White House. Yes, Disney had to put him there…try the back row maybe? Not front and center…and certainly no words out of his mouth. It just can’t be a good thing and families…visitors from other countries…to be subjected to reactions like this in what is supposed to be a Happy Place. I will go after 2020 when he is gone….unless they grow a backbone and impeach him sooner.

  12. Thoroughly enjoyed the renovation to the full presentation at the Hall of Presidents. So much better than the original. Thank you Disney!!

  13. Why don’t people ever consider their own behavior? No matter how much you don’t like someone, it is extremely selfish, disrespectful, and rude to the other people in the theater that came to see the show with their kids to act like such a horses ass. People like this guy think they are the center of the universe, but really, they are just narcissistic. He accomplished nothing except to ruin other people’s experience. Nice job-his parents must be so proud.

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