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A Day of Imagination Event celebrates EPCOT

EPCOT Fans won’t want to miss “A Day of Imagination” — a special event in Orlando on October 28. The event focuses on this history of Epcot and will feature Tom Morris, an Imagineer who worked on the original Journey into Imagination attraction, and Steve Taylor, who played Dreamfinder in the park for many years.

The half-day event will be hosted by Keith Gluck, who will bring his own presentation on dark rides. In addition to the first-hand accounts of the guests who were actually there, there will be rare photos from the early days of EPCOT.

This is a great way to celebrate EPCOT which just celebrated its 35th anniversary earlier this month. For a Disney fan organized event, this has a lot going for it.

The Wyndham Lake Buena Vista at Disney Springs is the host hotel. Tickets can be bought online.

1 thought on “A Day of Imagination Event celebrates EPCOT”

  1. I’m an old guy. My wife and I first took our kids to Walt Disney World in 1984, and as much as they loved the Magic Kingdom, they also enjoyed EPCOT Center.

    Disney likes to promote the generational aspects of visits to its theme parks, rightfully so. But when we now go to WDW with our kids and their kids, I’d give anything to be able to share with my grandchildren some of the magical attractions that made EPCOT Center so special for their parents.

    Back in the ‘80s, our whole family loved Journey Into Imagination., including:

    – Dreamfinder and Figment greeting guests outside
    – The ride itself, and its song One Little Spark
    – Magic Journeys
    – The Rainbow Corridor (LOVED by our kids)
    – Image Works (it wasn’t easy to get our kids to leave)

    I’d love to give Dreamfinder a hug, just to let him know he made my kids happy and that he and EPCOT Center are missed.

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