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Walt Disney World workers to rally for higher wages

Walt Disney World workers are planning to rally for improved wages. Right now six unions represent around 38,000 of Walt Disney World’s workers. They’re in the middle of negotiations to earn higher wages and improve the living conditions for them and their families. The group is planning to hold “Rally for a Raise” on 5pm this October 19 at the Crossroads shopping center near the entrance to Walt Disney World.

Negotiations to increase wages have been underway since August. Disney has proposed a small cost of living increase of 2.5%. The unions are hoping for something more significant with an eventual goal of $15 an hour for workers who have been with the company for at least 3 years.

As Central Florida’s largest employer, Disney employees more than 70,000 full- and part-time employees. Disney doesn’t separate out its individual parks and resorts unit, but across the group, profits were up 13% last year with a reported $1.11 billion in profits on revenues of $4.56 billion. An average raise of $1 an hour for all Disney World employees would cost Disney $0.14 billion a year.

6 thoughts on “Walt Disney World workers to rally for higher wages”

  1. Yes….these people make our days there happy…they do their jobs so well…they are entitled to a wage where they can support families. If they have to take an additional job to earn what they need, they won’t be as rested or happy to do their jobs as well for us…at Disney…..are you listening Disney? And yes, I am a stockholder but people should always come before profits. The top guys don’t need to be earning millions.

    1. I agree with Barbara; people should be paid enough to provide for their basic needs. Exhausted, resentful people are not going to make the kind of magical experience that brings in the big bucks. Prices have been raised on everything at the parks and resorts. Why is part of the increase not going to the people who do the actual work? We are also stockholders who are somewhat horrified that a company that pays the top executives so well thinks it’s okay to have workers on food stamps.

    2. Really? Someone scooping popcorn is supposed to support FAMILIES? People, most of these are PART TIME, entry level jobs. Many are working there merely to have DISNEY on their resume, and/or are working on the Disney College Program. When my son was in college, he was not supporting a family.

      BTW, what is $0.14 billion?

  2. Disney Cast Members play the LARGEST part in making a trip to Disney so MAGICAL… From the shuttle drivers, to Mousekeeping, to call center staff booking Magical vacations, to parking lot staff, to resort staff, to ride operators to maintenance crews to food service… they are ALL of a far higher standard than your “average” service industry workers… And – especially in Florida – I have spoken with Cast Members who have to drive nearly an hour to get to the parks (because they can’t afford to live closer), and THEN still allow another 45 min to park and get to their work station.

    Disney provides one of the absolute BEST vacation experiences in the world, and it’s worth the high price BECAUSE OF the outstanding service. The Cast members selected to represent Disney deserve to be paid well-more than minimum wage.

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