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Treasures From the Disney Vault Returns to TCM – September 2017

Every few months, Turner Classic Movies offers up an evening of Disney classics, and the next installment of “Treasures From the Disney Vault” will air Monday, September 11, 2017. Hosted by noted film critic Leonard Maltin, the programming begins at 8pm and continues into the wee hours. Here is the complete schedule (times ET) of this month’s collection of Disney films and TV shows:

8pm – Swiss Family Robinson (1960) – This film, starring John Mills, Dorothy McGuire, James MacArthur, and Janet Munro, is a tale of a shipwrecked family building an island home, loosely based on the 1812 novel Der Schweizerische Robinson by Johann David Wyss. It was the first widescreen Disney film shot with Panavision lenses.

10pm – Kidnapped (1960) – The movie is set in 1751 Scotland, and Oscar winner Peter Finch stars as the daring rebel, Alan Breck, who joins forces with David Balfour (James MacArthur) in this exciting quest on land and sea for a young man’s rightful inheritance. Filmed in England, and based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel, the movie also stars Peter O’Toole in his feature film debut.

12:15am – Lonesome Ghosts (1937) – Mickey Mouse’s ghost-hunting business is invaded by some real ghosts in this animated short directed by Burt Gillett. The story features Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy as members of The Ajax Ghost Exterminators.

12:30am – Blackbeard’s Ghost (1968) – Award-winning actor Peter Ustinov stars in this hilarious fantasy as the ghost of the legendary pirate Blackbeard. The once blackhearted scoundrel materializes in a small New England town, cursed to wander in limbo until he performs a good deed. He gets his chance when he decides to help a local college track team … that hasn’t a ghost of a chance of winning

2:30am – Freaky Friday (1976) – In this hilarious classic, the tomboyish and free-spirited Annabel (Jodie Foster) switches bodies with her straitlaced mother, Ellen (Barbara Harris), and they end up having to spend the day as each other. The film also stars John Astin Bill Andrews, the family patriarch.

4:15am – Candleshoe (1977) – Welcome to Candleshoe, a stately English manor where a swashbuckling pirate hid a fortune in Spanish doubloons centuries ago. And that’s what young orphan Casey (Jodie Foster) and a sly con man (Leo McKern) are determined to find…provided Casey can pass for Lady St. Edmund’s (Helen Hayes) granddaughter who was kidnapped at a young age. This film also contains a notable performance by David Niven, who plays a number of characters.

It seems this month’s selections celebrate actress Jodie Foster, and adventure stories. Which ones are you looking forward to seeing? For more information, visit TCM.