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Slinky Dog Roller-Coaster reaches important Milestone

Disney’s Hollywood Studios may contain all of Hollywood’s dreams inside its gates, but it’s still the smallest of the four parks and land-locked by main roads on 2 (almost 3) sides. So plans to add a big roller-coaster in Toy Story Land are important because it will take up a big chunk of that space.

The Slinky Dog Dash Track, the official name of what everyone will probably just call the Slinky Dog coaster, just reached an important milestone, the installation of it’s final piece of track.

See the final piece being placed and hear from Disney’s Imagineers working on the project here:

Sounds like the cars will be arriving at the park soon. That probably means testing will begin very shortly. Hopefully we’ll get some video of that too.

In Toy Story Land guests will be shrunk to the size of toys in Andy’s Backyard and enjoy three attractions (Toy Story Mania and a Little Green Alien spinner will join the coaster). The Slinky Dog Coaster will appear to be made out of Andy’s Mega Coaster Play Kit, which he augmented with some of his favorite toys.

The family coaster is scheduled to open with the rest of Toy Story Land in summer 2018.