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Up close look at Disney’s new Minnie Van car service

We got an up close look at the new Minnie Van at Walt Disney World Yesterday. The private-car transportation system is currently in testing with plans to roll it out to a wider audience at the resort next month. When the system is operational, you will order your car via an app (presumably the My Disney Experience App) similarly to the way you would order a Lyft or Uber car, the two rideshare services Disney intends to replace with the Minnie Van.

The cars will transport guests from point to point within the resort and are expected to cost a $20 flat rate. Need to transport a lot of gear, Disney will call a second car, at no extra cost, just for your stuff if needed.

The majority of the fleet are composed of 2017 Chevy Traverse model. They fit up to six guests. Each Minnie Van is equipped with two car seats There is a special ADA accessible Minnie Fan. It can fit up to 4 people including one person in their ECV.

Each Minnie Van is driven by a Disney Cast Member. The radio, of course, streams Disney music. Meanwhile, the best perk of the Minnie Van so far, is that they drop off right at the bus unloading zone at the Magic Kingdom! Each park will have it’s own drop off zone. Right now it’s at a bus stop, but that may change.

Access to the bus stops is one of the big advantages Disney’s service has over Uber, Lyft and taxis is that it can drop off at bus stops, where taxis have to wait in a designated zone and Uber and Lyft aren’t able to loiter waiting for their next ride at all.

Each group of guests will have to decide on their own if the Minnie Van is worth it. The convenience and time savings is worth a lot if you want to maximize your fun, but it will cost a lot more than an Uber or Disney’s free bus, boat, and monorail transportation.

For now, Minnie Vans are expected to run from 6:30 in the morning for those early breakfast reservations until after midnight, for those late night sushi runs to Disney Springs.

Does the Minnie an sound like a service you might use on your Walt Disney World vacation?

4 thoughts on “Up close look at Disney’s new Minnie Van car service”

  1. Uber will still be a far better and more economical option for resort to resort as there isn’t a drop off zone advantage with resorts. The challenge of resort to resort commuting is the only solid reason to use something other than complimentary Disney transportation.

  2. I have to say I will absolutely use this service for resort to resort transportation there are times we have resorted to taxis and this sounds a whole lot better

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