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Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into giant opening weekend

When Marvel Studios asked Sony if they could incorporate their Spider-man character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe hopes were high even though it was the third reboot of the classic high school super-hero character in recent years. Could the two studios actually pull off a successful relaunch?

The first movie in the new franchise partnership, Spider-man: Homecoming, debuted this weekend and there was no reason to be worried. The film is funny, original, and one of the best Super-hero films in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Moviegoers agree as they’ve rewarded the show with great buzz on social media and a huge $257 million worldwide debut at the box office. That includes $117M a domestic box office and $140M from 56 international territories. That’s the second best opening for the franchise after the 2007 Spider-Man 3 ($151.1M).

“This is a triumphant return of Spider-Man, it’s one of the best-reviewed superhero movies of all-time and an incredible win for Sony and Marvel,” said Josh Greenstein, Sony’s president of worldwide marketing and distribution in a statement.

We saw Homecoming this weekend and loved the quirky high school John Hughes-style homage. It was great to see Peter Parker as a somewhat overwhelmed awkward teenager just trying to make his way while leading a double-life.

You know you’re in for a different film right from the opening frame, which reads “A Film by Peter Parker” and then proceeds to re-visit the climatic battle scene from “Captain America: Civil War” from the point of view of Parker’s vlog.

Tom Holland carries the film wonderfully against some mega acting talent. Michael Keaton as the Vulture is one of the Marvel Universe’s most chilling villains and casting Marisa Tomei as a younger Aunt May was also great movie. Add in Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron man, and you have some great talent up there on stage.

What I liked most about the film was how it stayed true to the character of Peter Parker, even with all the super hero trappings of The Avengers just off-screen. If you saw Spider-man: Homecoming this weekend, what did you think of it? Would you recommend it to fans of the webslinger or any super hero fan?

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