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Cirque Du Soleil buys Blue Man Group

In a move designed to expand their portfolio of creative performances and venues, Cirque du Soleil has acquired Blue Man Productions, known for it’s Blue Man Group show. Cirque currently has 18 shows touring or in permanent buildings (although the one at Walt Disney World is closing at the end of the year) while Blue Man Group has 6 permanent shows and a world tour (one of those shows is at the Universal Orlando Resort).

The two creative groups share a creative DNA, so I expect this merger to go well. I also expect Cirque to put a new show in the Disney Springs building at some point. My best guess is they’re trying to do something with a Disney franchise (Star Wars with those realistic glowing lightsabers Disney’s Imagineers claim to have created?). If they can’t get that to work, it would make a good temporary home for any of Cirque’s traveling shows, starting with Toruk, the Avatar themed show which has its own blue people.

According to Cirque, the transaction is in line with Cirque du Soleil’s vision for the future, as the Montreal-based creative powerhouse looks to further expand globally and diversify its entertainment offering beyond circus arts. With its original aesthetics, award-winning musical talent and immersive experience know-how, the acquisition of Blue Man Group also represents an additional asset for Cirque du Soleil’s creative team and show offerings.

“We want to broaden our horizons, develop new forms of entertainment, reach out to new audiences and expand our own creative capabilities. Today, we are taking a decisive step towards materializing these ambitions”, said Daniel Lamarre, President and CEO of Cirque du Soleil. “We are extremely excited to welcome the iconic Blue Man Group to our portfolio of shows. Their unbridled creativity makes them a perfect cultural fit for Cirque du Soleil. Our extensive marketing research also confirms that Blue Man Group is a strong ‘love brand’ with a solid fan base – something else our two brands have in common.”

For 25 years, Blue Man Group has earned an unrivaled reputation in the global entertainment industry. With a history and values ​​similar to that of Cirque, the company was born of a crazy dream in the creative minds of its three founders. Blending technology, music and comedy, they created boldly colored, playful and steadfastly interactive shows. The company currently operates resident shows in New York, Boston, Las Vegas, Chicago, Orlando and Berlin, as well as two touring productions.

Blue Man Group Co-Founder Phil Stanton explains, “When we began our Blue Man journey, we set our sights on creating theater that would bring people together in a celebration of human connection. We have been humbled, amazed and inspired by the audience responses we have received over the years.”

Co-Founder Chris Wink adds, “Now, we find ourselves on the brink of our next chapter, and we have big ideas for the future. Only a global creative powerhouse like Cirque du Soleil could help us achieve our vision. Their commitment to artistic quality and originality is unparalleled and their creative resources are vast. It is an honor to join forces with their organization.”

What do you think of the acquisition of Blue Man Group by Cirque Du Soleil?

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