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High Speed Pixar Trivia at Radiator Springs Racers

How deep is your Pixar knowledge? If you’re reading this blog, probably above average, right? But could you quickly answer Pixar trivia questions while zooming through Radiator Springs Racers at Disney California Adventure at high speeds?

That was the challenge set out by Oh My Disney who invited Cristela Alonzo, the voice of the franchise’s newest star “Cruz Ramirez” to surprise fans with a game of high speed trivia. Cruz Ramirez, (voiced by Alonzo) is a spunky race tech who helps Lightning McQueen train for the Florida 500.

Play a long and let us know in the comments how many you got right!

What a genius idea to combine a promotion for Cars 3 with Cars Land at Disney California Adventure. I think I spotted a few Disney Youtubers in there.

Looks like fun. So is cash cab the ride coming next to Disney California Adventure?