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A five-year-old’s thoughts on Star Wars

My five-year-old daughter doesn’t like Star Wars.

There, I said it. Star Wars has been trying for years now to win over the female audience but my kid isn’t buying it.

My wife and I have tried everything. We played up the princess aspect pointing out every time Leia was on screen and saying, “Look, there’s the princess.” Then the princess would shoot someone with a blaster and we’d be back at square one.

I asked her about it this afternoon.

“Do you like Star Wars?” I asked.
“Kind of,” she said.
“What do you like about it?”
“I like the princess and BB-8 and R2-D2.”
“Why do you like them?”
“Because she’s a princess and BB-8 and R2-D2 are funny.”
Well, no arguments there.
“What would make you like Star Wars more?”
“If there was less fighting.”

Well, in a movie franchise called Star WARS, I suspect that won’t be happening anytime soon. What I am hoping for is that the new animated shorts coming out this summer, Forces of Destiny, will finally be the entry point I’ve been waiting for.

It’s animated. It’s focus is on the girls in the Star Wars saga and there will be more BB-8 and R2-D2.
What would you do? How have you/would you introduce Star Wars to your kids, especially your daughters? Help me, Disney Blog Community! You’re my only hope!

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5 thoughts on “A five-year-old’s thoughts on Star Wars”

  1. As a kid I just didnt like fantasy. My Mom tried and tried but I gravitated to stuff I liked such as Anne of Green Gables and Little Women. Just introduce her to lots of stuff and let her make up her own mind what she likes

  2. I never really pushed the Star Wars thing with my daughter, granted she’s only 3. But I would always ask if she wanted to watch it and she would say no, and grab Beauty and the Beast or something. BUT while in WDW this January we walked past the Jedi Academy show and she wanted to sit there all day watching it. She loved when Vader came out, and even wanted a “star wars stick” (lightsaber) at the end of the day. Still doesn’t want to watch the movies, but recognizes the music and isn’t as opposed to watching as my wife is.

  3. For one thing, I wouldn’t keep showing my 5 year old movies she hates and feels are too violent. Who does that?

  4. 5 seems young boy or girl to be watching Star Wars. I think 7-9 would be a more realistic age to introduce then to the franchise. Younger children have trouble understanding the difference between make believe fighting in movies vs real fighting on the news and real life.

  5. Going through the same thing with my 6yr old son. I think he likes jar jar but I refuse to watch that movie. But as the say, it might be my only hope.

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