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EPCOT expands Food and Wine Festival in its 22nd year

When the annual EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival comes to an end what’s the one thing everybody is asking for? More, of course. Well, Walt Disney World has heard your pleas for more tasty food and wine. They’ve exploded the 22nd annual running of the festival to a whopping 75 days (13 more than last year), added even more food booths (35 in all), more Eat to the Beat, and will expand the parties and special entertainment to boot.

To accommodate the new food marketplaces, the festival will have a larger presence than ever in Future World, so be sure to arrange to send part of your day there after you visit the Festival Center.

Last year Food and Wine expended to the Disney hotels for the first time and we’re excited to see what offerings there are this year. Most went very quickly last year.

August 31st – November 13th are the days to get yourself to EPCOT to savor the celebration of global cuisine, music, and more. We’re looking forward to getting more details about the festival from Disney.

5 thoughts on “EPCOT expands Food and Wine Festival in its 22nd year”

    1. prior to being condescending, one should consult a dictionary. Expended is the past tense of expend. Therefore, it is clearly a word.
      He used the wrong word, but gives you free news and insight into Disney. To pick out one error and make a remark is kind of sad.
      John thank you for all of your great posts!

  1. Nope. Love all things disney, go at least 4 times a year, hate food and wine festival. It sounds so fun in theory, in reality it is a mess. I try to plan around it to not be there, which is quickly becoming impossible for a fall trip.

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