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“Beauty and the Beast” as told by LEGO

A new video shared by Disney goes inside the imagination of a young girl who uses LEGO toys and creative props to retell the story of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The enchanting stop-motion animation video takes on the “tale as old as time,” including vignettes of Belle and the Beast’s first meal together and the iconic ballroom dance scene, as well as the heartwarming finale when the castle is set free from the curse by true love.

I could do with the fake singing, but I found the storytelling using built minifigures and props to be creative. Using a stapler for Gaston was especially creative.

In case you missed it, we also loved the video of Disney’s Moana as told by LEGO, which debuted last week:

You can find many Disney LEGO kits on Amazon and at stores near you. The Beauty and the Beast kit has 374 pieces and there are a whole collection of Moana themed LEGO kits.

We’re big fans of LEGO and happy to see Disney partnering with them. How many Disney themed LEGO kits are in your home?