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Making Fast-Fired Pizza at Disney Springs

Blaze Pizza at Disney Springs has been open for a few months now and word is out that it is among the best values for great food in the shopping and dining district. Order off the menu or customize your pizza, add a salad and/or a dessert and be sure to sample some of the unique drinks at the fountain. It’s definitely a frequent stop on our visits including our last one where we took this quick video:

The location can get busy, so after being foiled by long lines on my last visit, I arrived early in the evening this time where I encountered a short wait. Similar to Chipotle, you add ingredients to your preferred dough choice and then pay.

Blaze Pizza promises a fast-fired piza, which usually means 3-5 minutes before your pizza is done. It can take a bit longer if you pile on the ingredients. You’ll get a pager to know when to come back to the counter to pick up your pie when it’s done.

My advice for the best pizza is to keep it simple. Keep your cheese and meat choices to no more than five total. Add a couple veggie choices and you’re done.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask the friendly employees. They’ll be happy to help you pick the best ingredients