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Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Parade – behind the scenes video

The 25th Anniversary celebration for Disneyland Paris is right around the corner. A highly anticipated parade celebrating the 25th anniversary. A new behind-the-scenes video takes us inside the warehouse where the final touches were being applied to the parade floats.

We’re also getting our first look at the “Finding Nemo” float

The video is in French, but if you turn on Google’s translation of the subtitles, you can follow along.

The key points are

  • The creators wanted to make sure that each float was very colorful and that each character float stood out as unique.
  • When you’re watching the parade, the music will change around you to accompany each different float as it passes by.
  • Between the dancers and on the floats themselves, there is a lot of animation built in to the parade.

The parade has recently begun running tests and rehearsals with the dancers in the parks to get ready for the grand opening.

The parade starts March 26, 2017 as part of the 25th anniversary celebration at Disneyland Paris.

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