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Miss Adventure Falls family raft ride to open at Typhoon Lagoon March 12

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon is ready to welcome a new season with a new attraction. “Miss Adventure Falls” is a family-style raft ride and it will open March 12 when the park retursn from its winter refurbishment.

The theme follows Captain Mary Oceaneer and all the fun artifacts collected by her on her sea-faring treasure hunting adventures. The story goes they were deposited here by the same typhoon that created the water park. Here’s a diving bell Disney shared as a tease.

Captain Mary’s motto “Exploration Continua” is a tip of the hat to Disney’s growing use of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers in its parks. The recently opened Skipper Canteen restaurant is their headquarters.

Close-eyed observers will also notice a nod to Disney Animation’s “Atlantis” film on the diving bell. There is some writing in the Atlantean language on the bell itself.

The ride itself will be a four-person raft ride down a long slope with twists and turns for a fun white-water experience. There are no height or age restrictions.

Stay tuned for more details closer to the March 12th opening date.