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Fan video of the week – Single Rider at Disneyland

What happens when you dream about visiting Disneyland, but break up with your girl friend before the vacation begins? Well you go on your own, of course. A new short film from aspiring film maker Kace Colwell explores what happens when you embrace the Single Rider lifestyle and really try to enjoy the times you’re at the park by yourself.

As you can tell, he had some inspiration from Pixar’s movie ‘Up.’

I asked Kace about his reasons for making the film. “My ex and I had always talked about how one day we were going to move out here and go to Disneyland all the time, how perfect it was going to be, etc. but when things didn’t work out, I still needed to go,” says Colwell. “I started having anxiety about going to Disney instead of being excited; is it lame to go to a theme park by yourself? Would I be judged? So it was quite an emotional rollercoaster. But gradually I learned to embrace the Single Rider lifestyle and enjoy the times I’m at the park by myself.”

“My goals with the film are to entertain people, especially Disney fans,” continued Colwell. “and try to reassure anyone who is self conscious about going to one of the parks by themselves, that it can still be great.”

Have you ever gone to the parks by yourself? How was your experience different?

I’m looking to revive the “Fan Video of the Week” series. Each week I’ll highlight a new fan video that incorporates creativity and a love of the Disney brand. If you’ve created a short film, video podcast, or other interesting video drop us a line.