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Agents of SHIELD S4E9 Recap: Broken Promises

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is back after the winter break and the rest of the season promises to be crazy. Daisy is back with SHIELD. Ghost Rider is gone. Aida, the Life Model Decoy, has replaced agent May with an LMD. And Senator Nadeer is hiding an Inhuman. Now that we’re all caught up, let’s talk about this week’s return of Agents of SHIELD.

Director Mace has called Coulson, May, Mack, Fitz and Dr. Radcliffe to his office to talk about what to do with the Darkhold book. Coulson, May and Mack are to take the book to someone who will destroy it while Radcliffe and Fitz are to erase Aida’s memory so no one can access the information.

Meanwhile, Simmons has figured out the the mystery Inhuman is, in fact, Senator Nadeer’s brother. Mace decides he, Daisy and Simmons need to rescue him.

At Radcliffe’s house, the team discovers that Aida has made her own improvements and is no longer under Radcliffe’s control. She takes out the team and runs off. Radcliffe and Fitz go back to SHIELD to get Coulson and his team to help find Aida.

Mace and the girls head to D.C. to try to find where Nadeer is hiding. Simmons goes in under cover but is quickly made and ends in a fight. I love seeing how Simmons’ character has grown over the years. Season One Jemma would not have won that fight.

But now they can locate the Senator who, by the way, is in hiding with her brother and has hired some Watchdogs to kill him because he went through Teregenesis. He is able to convince her that he was able to resist changing into an Inhuman so she calls off the hit.

Back at SHIELD, Aida has hacked into their computers and waltzs in. She overtakes Coulson quickly and shuts off the May LMD (who doesn’t seem to know she’s an android) and implants a camera into May’s eye. Aida then locks Coulson and May in a room and waits for them to reveal the location of the Darkhold book.

At the Senator’s house Mace, Simmons and Daisy confront Nadeer and confirms the connection between her and the Watchdogs. Unfortunately, the Watchdogs’ superior has called for the death of Nadeer’s brother who they still think is an Inhuman. He defends himself by using a super speed power he didn’t know he had. SHIELD catches up to him but he chooses to go with his sister. This proves to be a poor choice as she shoots and kills him the first chance she gets.

At SHIELD, Fitz is able to take the base offline, trapping Aida. Mack comes in and quickly chops her head off with his shotgun-ax.

The final scene reveals that Aida was working for Radcliffe the whole time. She didn’t go rogue, Radcliffe was trying to get his hands on the book which is a really interesting twist. I’m glad the evil robot trope wasn’t used so soon.

What did you think of the episode?