Disney offering walk-up one-day Dining Deal at Magic Kingdom

One of the perks of staying on property at Walt Disney World is partaking in the Disney Dining Plan. We always tell people to think about how they like to eat on vacation and then run the numbers to decide if the DDP is for you. Heck at certain times of the year Disney even offers the dining plan for ‘free’ (if you overlook that you may have to pay more for your resort room to get it).

For the first time Disney is now testing a ‘Dine-on-the-Go’ one-day, quick service Dining Plan to walk-up guests at the Magic Kingdom. Starting January 12 and running through February 22nd, you can pick quick service entree and one non-alcoholic beverage for lunch and then again for dinner. (Dessert is not included.) The restaurant locations are limited, and you must purchase the package at a ticket booth before entering the park.

Participating restaurant locations include Casey’s Corner, Columbia Harbour House, Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café, Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe and Pinocchio Village Haus.

Price is $29.00 and $12.00 for ages 3 to 9, which we assume is for the kid’s meal only.

If you look at the menus and run the numbers, you’ll see that unless you plan to order the most expensive entree and the most expensive drink (such as a slushy or iced coffee), you’re not really saving much with the pass. But if you’re on a budget a dollar here and a dollar there can add up. Still it would be nice if they included one snack credit each day too. That would tip the balance nicely, I think.