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Songs from Disney’s “Moana” played on Ukulele

The latest animated feature from Walt Disney Animation “Moana” is set in the Polynesian area of the South Pacific – a setting which lends itself perfectly to the musical tenors of the Ukulele. Disney even had an official ‘Sing the Hook’ contest where you sing a song from “Moana” for a chance to win a trip to LA (sadly the entry period is over).

The good news is that now it’s easy to find some really spectacular covers of songs from “Moana” on YouTube.

Here are a few of our favorites

Just uploaded today from Shannon Raphiels we really like this cover of “How Far I’ll Go.”

“You’re Welcome” is another popular song from the movie. Here’s Alana Grace doing her rendition on a Ukulele she just got for Christmas. Listen close because it’s not exactly the movie version, she mashed it up with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s song “Heights Cool Musical Too… Bet On It!”:

Of course, if you prefer the movie version, here’s Brandon Tao’s more faithful rendition:

It’s not nearly as popular as some of the other songs from the movie, but I think “We Know The Way” is the most beautiful of songs from “Moana” and hearing it on the Ukulele really transports me to the tropics. :

Don’t forget you can download the “Moana” soundtrack and get all the great original music from Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa’i, and Mark Mancina yourself.