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Actress Carrie Fisher, Star Wars’ Princess Leia, suffers cardiac arrest

Multiple new sources are reporting that actress Carrie Fisher, who appear in the Star Wars series movies as Princess Leia Organa, suffered a massive cardiac attack during a flight from London to Los Angeles. The episode started shortly before landing and eyewitnesses report that Fisher, aged 60, was in a lot of distress on the flight.

The actress, was treated on the plane by flight attendants and medical professionals who were also on the flight then was transferred to the hospital by paramedics shortly after her flight touched down at LAX. Sources say she’s currently in critical condition at the hospital.

Update: Fisher’s brother is telling the media she is now resting and in stable condition. 

According to actress and YouTuber Anna Akana, who was on the same flight as Fisher, CPR was being administered, but at one point Fisher had stopped breaking for 10 minutes or so.

Fisher’s fellow Star Wars actors are beginning to chime in with well-wishes too

We hope Fisher has a swift and full recovery. Stay tuned to the Disney blog for more on this story if anything further develops.