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All the Star Wars Rebels references in Rogue One

When Disney bought Lucasfilm, one of the first big moves they made was to announce that much of the expanded universe (a collection of novels, comic books, and other stories that expanded the Star Wars storytelling beyond the movies) would become part of a new ‘Legend’ label and no longer part of the official Star Wars canon. That was left to the official movies, a few of the newer novels, and the animated TV show Clone Wars. Also added to the canon was Star Wars Rebels, the animated TV series currently airing on Disney XD.

As it turns out “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and “Star Wars Rebels” are both set between Episodes III and IV of the Star Wars saga movies. Fans were hoping that some elements of Rebels would appear in Rogue One.

Before we go much further be warned, there be spoilers ahead.

As it turns out some elements of Star Wars Rebels do have brief appearances in Rogue One. The small band of rebels continues work to overthrow the Empire and are present for the key battle of the movie.

In the Battle over Scarif, The Ghost, Hera’s ship, makes three appearances. First on Yavin as Jyn and Cassian lift off in the U-wing. Second as the Rebel fleet drops out of lightspeed (above) and again later flying across the battle from left to right behind the Mon Calamari General on the bridge of the Rebel command ship.

Chopper, the uber-helpful droid from Rebels also makes an appearance. You see and hear him during the scene when it is discovered that Jyn and Cassian have taken a force to Scarif. The droid has been seen in the weekly video series Rebels Recon.

Of course there was the general page of General Syndulla. That, of course, is Hera Syndulla. Who recruited Kanan and led the Ghost crew in the small, but growing rebellion. You’ll also hear Phoenix Squadron paged, which was the band of rebel fighters that flew with the Ghost from time to time.

Also from Rebels is the Hammerhead corvette spaceship, which the Ghost crew ‘procured’ and was subsequently used in the battle of Scarif to push one Star Destroyer into another. In theory those Y-Wing bombers could be the same ones the Ghost crew obtained too. I’m told there was a reference to Sabine, the Mandalorian fighter among the Ghost Crew, in the film, but I haven’t spotted it.

Alas, not revealed in “Rogue One” is the fate of Ezra and Kanan, the two Jedi in the animated TV series. They could be dead or exiled to the outer rim or perhaps some other fate befalls them. I hope we find out before Star Wars Rebels ends.

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