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PizzeRizzo opening date set for Nov 18 in Muppet Courtyard


We’ve been following the expansion of the Muppet Courtyard with a new pizza restaurant since PizzeRizzo was announced back in July. Since then, Disney has made pretty quick work remodeling the former Pizza Planet location into a pizza palace fit for a rat.

We now have an opening date for the new pizza joint. Rizzo the Rat will open his new restaurant in Disney’s Hollywood Studios on November 18th. The two story eatery will feature decor inspired by Rizzo and his extended family and friends.


We’re also getting our first details of the new location’s menu. In addition to personal-sized pizzas, there will be meatball subs, and salads (very similar to the Pizza Planet menu), there will be additional treats including cannolis and tiaramisu for dessert. There will be four variety of pizzas – vegetable, pepperoni, meat lovers, and cheese. You can wash it all down with drinks including a Wildberry-Basil Lemonade Limoncello and a non-alcoholic Peach Bellini.


What do you think Muppet fans? Are you excited for the November 18 Grand Opening of PizzeRizzo?