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Designated Survivor preview – “The Confession”


Episode three of the premiere season of ABC’s new hit show Designated Survivor will air this Wednesday at 10pm. So far the adventures of President Kirkman ( Kiefer Sutherland ) have only taken us to the end of his first full day as President. At the very end of episode two, they found a survivor in the wreckage of the attack. It will be interesting to see where they go from here.

Episode 3 Synopsis: “The Confession”

President Kirkman and his staff work to keep a high-level security breach of the White House a secret just as he’s about to give his first television interview. Meanwhile, the FBI continues to investigate the Capitol bombing, and Agent Hannah Wells starts to develop her own theories about who was really behind the attack.

I’ve been pretty impressed with this show so far. I think we’ve just begun to see the twists and turns that lay ahead for President Kirkman and the nation in the reality of this show. The series was recently picked up for a full season, so we know it’s worth committing to as fans.

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1 thought on “Designated Survivor preview – “The Confession””

  1. It isn’t as sophisticated as either House of Cards on the political side, or Homeland on the terrorism side. It feels like the closest cousin would be 24, that Keifer Sutherland starred in of course. A little obvious in the scripts, but fast moving and well acted. I’m giving it a full season. The difference with 24 is that on that show, pretty much every brown person turned out to actually BE a terrorist. Right out of the gate, this show is more nuanced and showing that the bad guys can be something other than a stereotype. Kirkman is concerned about human rights, the Constitution and fairness. Jack Bauer routinely tortured people on very little evidence. What’s worse, he was usually shown as being right, which gave comfort to people who support torture. Like for instance Dick Cheney, who said 24 was his favourite show!

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