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Watch Destino – A Short Film by Walt Disney and Salvador Dali


In 1945, Walt Disney and his friend, Spanish artist Salvador Dali, collaborated on a film together. Storyboarding by Disney studio artist John Hench and Dalí went on for about eight months, but then was stopped during World War II, due to financial issues.

It was forgotten until 1999, when Walt’s nephew Roy E. Disney discovered the unfinished story while creating Fantasia 2000.

It was finished by Disney animators, along with help from Dali’s wife, Gala. You can still find about 17 seconds of original footage around the 5:15 mark, which features a surrealist Dali scene of two faces gliding into each other.


The animated short, named Destino, which is Spanish for Destiny, was released in 2003 by The Walt Disney Company.

The story itself centers around Chronos, the Greek mythological personification of time, and his love for a mortal woman named Dahlia. It has no dialogue, but features music written by Mexican songwriter Armando Dominguez.

Here is Destino, for you to enjoy: