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Walt Disney World to combat Zika carrying Mosquitoes with free repellent


The tourism business is a fickle one. Travelers select an Orlando vacation destination, at least in part, because they want a stress free experience. If suddenly they have to worry about a disease like the Zika virus, one we are still learning how to prevent and the full effects on those infected, they might change their mind and select a different destination.

The good news for Walt Disney World and other Orlando attractions is that so far, there are no known cases of Zika being transmitted by mosquito in the area. The closest case is down near Tampa. However, taking sensible precautions now makes sense.

For instance, the Red Cross is now testing all blood donations for the Zika virus. Walt Disney World is filling in some of the stagnant water at the former River Country water park, so the mosquitoes don’t have a breeding ground. And they have other programs already in place.

One of the new procedures will be providing guests and cast members with free insect repellent throughout the resort. They will stock hotel rooms with aerosol cans and will make it available at its theme parks, Disney Springs, and the ESPN WWOS complex. Various signage will also be added to let guests know repellent is available.

“In an abundance of caution, we are accelerating preventative efforts throughout our property, including providing complimentary insect repellent to our Guests along with helpful guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention,” A Disney spokesperson said in an email. ”We have an extensive mosquito-prevention and monitoring program in place, and we continue to work closely with local, state and federal experts on this topic.”

I know its hot out in Central Florida, but in addition to wearing repellent, wearing long sleeves and pants is another good way to prevent insect bites. Definitely consider it if you’re planning to get pregnant or already are pregnant and want to visit Orlando. We all know about bringing home that special Disney souvinier, so better safe than sorry. .

Does a potential bite from a mosquito infected with Zika concern you? If a confirmed case of mosquito transmitted Zika were reported in Orlando would you consider changing your plans or just take more precautions?

5 thoughts on “Walt Disney World to combat Zika carrying Mosquitoes with free repellent”

  1. I will be staying at Shades of Green at the end of September. Do you know if S.O.G. will be included in the same program as the Disney World hotels will. I’m not just talking about the free repellent .

    Thank You for any info.

  2. I hadn’t even thought about Zika yet. I’ll be at wdw in February with my grandchildren. Glad to see that disney is ahead of me and has my back!

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