Disney to livestream Main Street Electrical Parade


You may have heard that Disney is bringing the Main Street Electrical Parade back to Disneyland in 2017. That means the last showing of the parade at the Magic Kingdom will be October 9th. If you can’t make it down to Orlando by then, you can now watch a livestream of Disney’s Electrical Parade this Sunday at 8:55pm on the Disney Parks blog.

Disney made the announcement in this video:

Yes, the parade did ‘glow away forever’ once already at Disneyland, but it sounds like this really is the final hurrah for the parade. Technology has vastly improved since the last time the parade was upgraded and I think all Disney parks deserve something more current than MSEP.

Check out this new video showing the parade from the view of atop the floats:

That said, there has been no announcement yet as to whether a new night parade will be coming to the Magic Kingdom. The park’s 50th anniversary is in 2021, I hope we don’t have to wait that long, but it is a possibility.

If you want to see MSEP in person one last time at the Magic Kingdom. Keep in mind that the parade doesn’t run every night. So check the calendar to make sure it will be performing during your trip.

Do you have fond memories of the Main Street Electrical Parade?

4 thoughts on “Disney to livestream Main Street Electrical Parade”

  1. Electric parade is wonderful BUT the Spectro Magic Parade is awesome! Pls. bring that one back to Disney World.

  2. Very fond!

    And one of my favorite is that we were able to take our oldest (only at the time) to Disneyland to see it before it left! So what if she couldn’t walk yet – I have pictures of her crawling on Main Street :D

    She’s 20 now, and not happy that this is finally the end. Thankful we are here in Florida to see it a couple more times.

    Wondering if they will have a great shirt like the DL one from back then??

  3. No. We never liked the parade. Best thing about it was that lines at the rides got shorter when it was on. Like you said, it was very old technology and the music stayed in your head longer than Small World. Looking forward to the replacement.

  4. We always loved the parade but I was very disappointed in the live streaming. So much of the parade was cut out and the parts we did see were interrupted by the talking of the hosts! Also some of the cameras could have been placed better. It was not up to Disney’s usual standard of quality.

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