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“The Fitness Games” features Disney Characters in Olympic Sports


In the mood for some Olympic level fun? The big event in Brazil officially opens tonight, but what if Disney’s fairy tale characters had their own version of the Olympic Games. That’s the question asked in this new fan-made video called “The Kingdom Games.”

This video is part of a new web series called Fantasy Fitness. It’s the work of Disney fan, cosplayer, and YouTuber Megan Rees. Rees and her team at MermaidCove Productions created more than 25 characters for the short each with their own sport.

According to Rees, she and her husband love cosplay, “we also love making videos and have recently been making an effort to live healthier lives, so we came up with a creative way to merge all of these things together in a new web series called Fantasy Fitness!”

Rees says “With the Rio Games trending, our most recent video is about if these characters had their own version of the Olympics. It’s short and fun, in a comedically inspirational way, and is family friendly.”

If you were a Disney character, which Olympic sport would you compete in?