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Disney looks to reboot The Rocketeer with modern-era twist


Are you ready to see Disney’s The Rocketeer blast off again? Walt Disney Studios is said to be developing a long-awaited sequel to the 1991 action adventure movie. The new film will be a sequel, but set in the cold war-era so as to effectively reboot the series. They’re also looking to headline the the movie with a black female character.

Many fans of the 1980s comic by Dave Stevens, where The Rocketeer originated, felt like the character never got a chance to develop. The story of the Rocketeer is set in the 1930s and 40s and follows a stunt pilot, Cliff Secord, who discovers a working rocket pack and finds himself pursued by Nazis, mobsters, Howard Hughes and the FBI.

While the original box office was a disappointment, subsequent releases helped the film take on something of a cult classic quality and the character has a huge base of fans often showing up in cosplay circles. Plus it has one of the soundtracks you can’t stop humming (if you can find it).

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the new story starts with the disappearance of the original Rocketeer and the mantle being taken up by a young African-American female pilot. She attempts to stop an ambitious and corrupt rocket scientist from influencing the Cold War with the jet-pack technology. Sounds like that could work.

The one thing the new movie needs to have that the original was a bit lacking is fun. Audiences need to be there soaring along with The Rocketeer and battling comic-book villains. I’m excited Disney is willing to take up the Mantle again. What would you like to see in a reboot?

3 thoughts on “Disney looks to reboot The Rocketeer with modern-era twist”

  1. I loved the original…I’m happy it’s a continuation as opposed to a total reboot…I don’t mind the casting of a young black girl…I don’t like that it’s set in the 50s…we all know the 50s weren’t exactly friendly to the rights of women or even more so African Americans…I’m not against diversity as long as the story makes sense. I realize some will say it adds to the story to have the character over come the struggles of being a black female in the 50s. But you go see “The Rocketeer” for fun not to address social issues. The 80s would have been a cooler time period. Just my 2 sense

    1. Diversity for the sake of diversity.
      Not saying I’m completely change, but that’s just the way studio’s minds are wired today. If they tried to cast another white male in the lead role of the Rocketeer, people would complain. Welcome to 2016 America.

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