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Rizzo the Rat to open pizza restaurant at Muppet Courtyard in DHS


The mystery of what would happen to the Muppet’s Courtyard and Muppetvision 3-D attraction has been perplexing Disney fans since long before Disney announced the twin expansions of Toy Story Land and a Star Wars themed land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. At times the Muppets were gone for sure, saved, or maybe even moved to the Great Movie Ride.

We now have our first confirmation that The Muppets will be staying right where they are and the Muppet Courtyard theme will be expanded to include the former Toy Story Pizza Planet location. The new name, PizzeRizzo.

Okay. It’s another restaurant owned by a rat (I wonder if Rizzo and Remy are related). At PizzeRizzo, Rizzo the Rat sells pizza pie and cool refreshments. It promises to put a muppet twist on typical Italian-American dining.


As you can see from this May 2016 photo, the restaurant is getting some expanded seating on the second story. Disney’s Imagineers are busy hiding hints of Rizzo, his extended family and friends who have visited PizzeRizzo over the years. The restaurant will keep its two-story feature and add a ‘cheesy’ banquet room and special booths designed just for Rizzo’s celebrity friends.

Are you happy that Pizza is returning to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and that The Muppets Courtyard will be expanded?

4 thoughts on “Rizzo the Rat to open pizza restaurant at Muppet Courtyard in DHS”

  1. it always seems to be hinted at, but by “celebrity friends” we mean there will be animatronic muppets at this restaurant..? or am I mis-reading into it?

  2. I don’t care about pizza, but I love that this shows Disney isn’t bailing on Muppet presence in the park. Hopefully they continue to expand and update the area.

  3. I’m from NY…so we don’t eat Florida pizza (sorry Floridians but it has to do with the water…NY water makes the best pizza!!!!)….but I was worried about them taking away Muppets…..I like the 3D…and I always go into the store…so I am relieved that it will not be taken down…..
    Of course, I am hoping on our next trip (soon) that it will not be nothing but walls everywhere you look….that is not as much of a pleasant vacation…and that was a problem the last time.
    Wish instead of so many different things going on all at once…they put everyone on one project…and worked hard to get it done quickly before moving on to another place and more walls on top of more walls.

  4. @Barbara – come on, you can eat Florida pizza.. those of us from New Haven, CT occasionally lower our pizza standards to eat NYC pizza ;)

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