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Disneyland Paris cleared in discriminatory hiring case

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In a case that has been working its way through the French court system for years, the Euro Disney group has finally been acquitted of using discriminatory hiring in an ad that solicited parade performers for Disneyland Paris. The ad specifically asked for applicants with European citizenship, which the group SOS-Racisme, took to mean they wanted to exclude applicants from Africa and Turkey.

The lawsuit had been winding its way through the courts for a decade and, according to the ABC News story, could have cost Euro Disney $250,000 in fines. Euro Disney’s position was that while the wording was “clumsy,” it was not intended to be discriminatory.

After the court ruling, Euro Disney issued a statement saying the decision was “in line with our ongoing commitment to diversity.” No word yet if SOS-Racisme will appeal, but the option is reportedly on the table.

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  1. That group did not think the add tried to exclude anybody for a second. All that group wanted was to create some fuss, and the courts were stupid enough to not tell them to go to hell.

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