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Disneyland gives half-million to Anaheim to plus public parks


While some may complain that Disneyland, with its fireworks and heavy traffic, isn’t a real community player in Anaheim. But when you consider the taxes they generate and the donations they make to local non-profits and schools, there’s little doubt to the company’s commitment. Then you throw in the hours volunteered by Cast Member “voluntEARS” and Disneyland’s place as a part of Anaheim is cemented.

Take for instance this recent donation to plus the city parks in Anaheim with $500,000 worth of skate parks, ball courts and fields.

“For more than 60 years, the Disneyland Resort has been proud to be part of special moments for families both inside our parks and throughout the Anaheim community,” said Michael Colglazier, president of the Disneyland Resort. “This donation, in honor of our Diamond Celebration, will help revitalize play areas throughout Anaheim to provide more ways for kids and their parents to stay active and have fun together.”

Over the last five years, the Disneyland Resort has contributed overall donations of $16 million to Anaheim programs benefiting children and families, and $1.5 million went to Anaheim parks. Seven Disney-sponsored KaBOOM! playgrounds have been built in Anaheim, serving nearly 10,000 children, and in celebration of its 60th anniversary, the Disneyland Resort donated 60 trees to Anaheim parks to help make them more shady and beautiful.

“New skate parks are among the top things our residents want to see at their parks,” said Terry Lowe, Anaheim’s Community Services director. “These skate parks will bring a new level of fun and enjoyment to those in the neighborhood.”

So next time you’re at Disneyland, know that some of the money you spend is going to support the community too. Do you think Disneyland is doing enough to help the community it’s a part of?

1 thought on “Disneyland gives half-million to Anaheim to plus public parks”

  1. As an Anaheim resident, I absolutely love the perks that Disneyland gives back to us, especially making our public utilities more affordable than most regions of California. And, the excellent roads, sidewalks, and public services really help our property value. So glad to support Disney and to see them support us in return. :)

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