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Adam Jacobs “One Jump Ahead” one man cover raises the bar


We’re big fans of the ‘one man/woman cover’ videos where a single performer does all the parts in a cover song. Get ready, because Broadway star Adam Jacobs has just elevated the art form to a new level. From Elvis to Scar and a wide variety of other musical tropes, the amazing Adam Jacobs puts his own spin on “One Jump Ahead” from Disney’s Aladdin musical on Broadway.

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Jacobs currently stars as the titular character in Disney’s Broadway musical Aladdin. He just released his debut album “Right Where I Belong.” It features a compilation of Alan Menken songs from Aladdin, Hercules, Newsies, Little Shop of Horrors and more. His “Suddenly Seymour” duet with Arielle Jacobs (his sister) is a standout. Many of the songs are a bit more ‘pop’ than you’d hear on the stage, but that’s fine for a solo album.

Pick up Jacob’s whole album “Right Where I belong” on iTunes and Amazon.