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The Jungle Book: Alive With Magic construction update


Yesterday we had a sneak peek behind the scenes of the new “The Jungle Book: Alive With Magic” show coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom this weekend. We also stopped by the park to watch crews add some of the last details to the Discovery River Amphitheater where the show will be performed.

If you forgot, here’s the show’s official description:

“Come along as impressions of the film’s iconic characters take you on a journey following Mowgli’s exciting, perilous and sometimes hilarious jungle encounters. Watch as barges teeming with jubilant singers, Indian musicians and colorful performers take to the waters and enhance the tale with music and song—while fellow players join in from nearby river banks. And thrill to the breathtaking sight of light displays and massive water screens projecting imagery from the blockbuster film!”

Right now there are two performances a night at 9pm and 10:30pm. Fastpasses and dinner packages are available. The show has an uncertain length of run as Disney continues to work on “Rivers of Light” and will launch that larger show when it is ready (and not before then).

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