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Agent Carter Canceled, plus other changes for Marvel TV


The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Agent Carter is officially ending after only two seasons. Despite audiences and critics praising the show, it didn’t have the numbers ABC wanted. That, plus the fact that Hayley Atwell has already signed on to lead the new ABC drama, Conviction means we may have seen the last of Agent Peggy Carter (except maybe in flashbacks in the MCU). It also seems that ABC is having second thoughts (again) about Marvel’s Most Wanted which makes me feel really bad for Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood who were written off of Agents of SHIELD this season for the purpose of starring in their own show. I’m still holding out hope for Damage Control.

Over at Netflix though, things aren’t as bleak. The success of Daredevil’s Season 2 has led to a Punisher spin-off being announced. That’s all we know right now, and for good reason. They’re planning on releasing two shows every year but have at least five more in various stages of production.

Season 2 of Jessica Jones has been announced and plans are to shoot it simultaneously with The Defenders.
Luke Cage wrapped filming back in March and is planned to be released on September 30.

Iron Fist, which was on rocky ground for a while, started filming last month. It doesn’t have a release date yet, but expect it early next year.

That leaves The Defenders, where all of these characters come together much like the Avengers have done on the big screen. We don’t have a date for The Defenders yet either. Possibly late next year or even early 2019 depending on when they decide to release the Punisher spin-off.

What do you think of ABC’s decision to cancel Agent Carter?

10 thoughts on “Agent Carter Canceled, plus other changes for Marvel TV”

  1. I can’t help but wonder if s2 was specifically written to kill off the show. Parts of it were good, but I really want to know what made the writers go “Yeah let’s introduce a needless love triangle!” I mean that’s *not* why people were watching the show. Or at least that’s not why I was watching it. I still watched s2 but the love triangle bits were just… so uneeded and awful. I don’t get how they could’ve missed the mark so badly after how great and revolutionary the first season was. Hopefully Peggy will be back in some way. I was hoping it’d run at least long enough so we could see her found SHIELD.

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  3. My heart is broken, I loved the era, the fashion and the story line. The writing was more
    than amble , again with all the dribble that’s on tv this show should have gone at least
    four yrs as it gained in audience share it could have done much more in the
    way of storyline.

    Don’t they usually change time slots b4 they cancel where is the imagination by the
    execs to save this show I am very disappointed.

  4. Agent Carter is my favorite character in the MCU, and I looked forward all year to the show. This is infuriating because she’s such a role model, as a classy, elegant lady who can take care of herself, as well as others. I’m absolutely heartbroken.

  5. I couldn’t even finish season 2…Agent Carter cancelled…Marvel’s most wanted not picked up AOS ratings go up and down…answer is simple stop trying to make superhero shows without superheros….look at CW rapidly becoming the all DC Comics network there most popular show is the Flash now they are getting Supergirl while Marvel gave AOS Mockingbird without ever making her Mockingbird….the DC shows also crossover into each other…How do AOS investigate all these “enhanced” persons and never look in to all those things going on with Daredevil and Jessica Jones. I Predict AOS will get canned after next season if they don’t bring more of the Marvel Universe into it…and I also predict Cloak and Dagger on free-form is going to do well bc they are going to have a superhero show with SUPERHEROS

  6. Kind of upset with Agent Carter being cancelled. They should have brought it back for one more “final season” and have her start SHIELD. That would have been the best way to bow out gracefully and fill in some SHIELD questions. Canceling Marvel shows will start to poke holes within the MCU.
    Agree with other comments that AOS should bring on more established characters from the movies like they did with Lady Sif and Nick Fury.
    With The Inhumans movie off the charts right now, it looks like this will continue to be the direction AOS will take.
    Maybe they can make a nice two-hour movie to show Agent Carter forming SHIELD.

    1. This is precisely what’s baffling me here — the whole point of Agent Carter was to show the origins of SHIELD. To not do that is to disrespect the audience. The MCU is big enough (and profitable enough) to allow for that to be done, even without stellar ratings.

      The CW is showing us how to do superhero TV right, with plenty of crossovers and intersecting storylines. Maybe Disney could shop Agent Carter (and Most Wanted) to the CW…

  7. As for the Muppets, I think they didn’t bring them back in the best light. They should have tried to recreate the old show. God that was funny. I know they kept Muppets Courtyard at DHS but who knows if that will be permanent. Already gone in DCA.

  8. I loved this show. Am very disappointed its not going on. I agree with all the other comments, they should have continued at least until she formed SHIELD.

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