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Pirates of the Caribbean full ride video from Shanghai Disneyland


Another piece of great video from Shanghai Disneyland, which is in soft-opening mode prior to its June 16 grand opening. This time we have full ride video from the new Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure attraction. It uses a new innovative ride system, amazingly sharp digital projection, fantastic animation, and very detailed real world set pieces to thrust the rider into the world of the Pirates franchise of movies.

Yes, we’ve come full circle. First the Disneyland attraction, then movies inspired by the attraction, and now an attraction inspired by the movies. It’s the Inception of Disney attractions.

It’s a little hard to tell in this ride video, but the part after you first see Captain Jack Sparrow, where you see what looks like water shooting up in the air is your ship being thrust into the underwater world, and then much of the rest of the ride is under water.

I’m 100% jealous of those who get to experience this attraction in person. It came out so much better than I ever imagined it would. It is a bit shorter than most other audio-animatronic heavy Pirates attractions, but there’s so much packed into those 8 minutes that it’s going to be very much worth waiting for.

Also, even though it looks like guests are on a boat, it’s actually vehicle on a track so Imagineers can program pitch and yaw and control where you’re looking. It’s believed this same ride system will be used in the boat ride attraction at Pandora: World of Avatar land coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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2 thoughts on “Pirates of the Caribbean full ride video from Shanghai Disneyland”

  1. Amazing! Apparently ” no flash photography” means nothing in Shanghai Disneyland, though!

  2. Pathetic. Disney now steals from Universal with the usage of video screens. This is why we in the States are paying more at the parks for less? So Disney can build parks with high tech rides in the home of our enemies? I can’t wait for Disney to fail.

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