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Disney’s The Jungle Book is king of the box office


Man is in the Jungle to the tune of over $103M for the estimated opening weekend of Disney’s “The Jungle Book.” Throw in the overseas total (where the movie has been open for a few weeks already in some markets) and the movie is now approaching a $300 million global total.

Mowgli and friends have racked up some impressive numbers overseas too. With $50.3M in China and $20.1M in India (where they appear to have adopted the film as their own). All told it’s already reach $187M internationally.

Domestically, the mega numbers for the three day weekend makes it the second best April opening ever (behind last year’s Furious 7) and ahead of Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which managed $95M in 2014.

With Disney’s “Zootopia” passing $300 million in North America box office this weekend, Disney appears to be on the way to two talking animal films both passing that mark early in the year. Add in all the global box office for Disney and this weekend pushed it over the magic $2B mark at the box office. That’s the 15th consecutive year that Disney has reached that mark. If you see big smiles in Burbank on Monday, now you know why.

This is a pretty big win for director Jon Favreau, who was on the outs in Hollywood after rumors of on the set troubles on Cowboys & Aliens. But he’s built himself a strong oeuvre with “Chef” and “The Jungle Book.” He’s now attached to the “The Jungle Book 2” as well.

Did you see Disney’s “The Jungle Book” this weekend? What did you think?

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