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Video – Actor Neel Sethi, Mowgli in Disney’s The Jungle Book, visits Animal Kingdom


A few weeks ago Neel Sethi, the young actor who stars as Mowgli in Disney’s new digital animation masterpiece “The Jungle Book” visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom for a little R-n-R. He did pause long enough to meet Mickey Mouse and give a quick interview where he talked about what he loved about the movie and Disney theme parks:

Sethi was only 9 when he was cast for Jon Favreau’s take on the Disney animated feature. He’s 12 now and clearly ready to get back on the big screen. That’s a good thing since Disney has already approved a sequel to “The Jungle Book.”

With both “Zootopia” and “The Jungle Book” featuring talking animals it may seem like they’re not a good fit for an attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. However, I think a new land that features fantasy animals could house attractions for both movies. Where would you put an attraction based on the new take on “The Jungle Book.”

See Disney’s “The Jungle Book” in theaters beginning this Thursday night.