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Recap: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD prepares to part with two agents.


This week’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD starts with Bobbi and Hunter keeping an eye on Malick’s new facility to found out what he has planned for the Inhumans. Hunter is beginning to question why they continue being a part of SHIELD when they or their friends keep getting hurt or killed. Before he can continue down that train of thought, they see an Inhuman being brought into the facility so they call in Mack, May and Daisy to help infiltrate the compound.

Undercover, they discover that Malick and Anton Petrov are meeting with other leaders to discuss the sanctuary for Inhumans. They tell Malick that the Inhuman they brought in is Russian General Androvich who broke into the compound and was captured. Malick wants him to lead the Inhuman army that Malick is creating so he orders the general to be freed, conveniently just as the Russian Prime Minister is about to land at the compound. Now there’s a Russian assassin on the loose and the Prime Minister is in danger. The SHIELD agents need to stop him but they don’t even know what his power is, though Mack did catch something on the surveillance video he and Daisy were watching.

They form a plan which, true to SHIELD form, goes well until it doesn’t. They figure out that the general has the ability to create a dark matter form of himself that can change density at will. The only way to stop the dark shadow is to kill the general, which Bobbi does but it leads to her and Hunter being captured by the Russian government.

After they spend hours in interrogation, Coulson and President Ellis are finally able to convince the Prime Minister (you know, the guy who’s life they just saved) that Bobbi and Hunter are not working for SHIELD. Coulson has set up an elaborate get away plan with the two agents getting new identities and being pulled off of field work, but the couple has decided that they need to take one for the team. In order to protect SHIELD, they need to leave the organization completely and start their own tv show….I mean, lead a normal life.

Jokes aside, the “Spy’s Goodbye” at the end is probably the most touching scene of the series so far. Bobbi and Hunter are in a bar deciding where they should go next when they start getting drinks sent to their table from mysterious “admirers.” They look around to see that the rest of the team is spread throughout the bar with their own drinks. They silently toast each other in the air before going their separate ways.

Another great episode with a surprising amount of heart. I knew that Bobbi and Hunter would have to be written off of this show, but I thought it would be closer to the end of the season. I think the writers did a great job of making the transition though.

What did you think of the episode?