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Cliffs are turning green at Avatar-land


In our latest construction update, we check in on progress at Avatar-land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Not much is visible from guest areas, but we can see some of the famous floating mountains and cliffs that will hide the giant show buildings that house the land’s two main attractions.

For now we get to see how much detail is going in to making the floating mountains look realistic. Answer, a lot. Eventually those huge steel beams will be camouflaged as giant vines, but the detail of plant life and faux rock work we see already is impressive.

I’m growing fond of the way the tallest rock juts out above the trees and is visible from the parking lot. It definitely serves as a giant ‘weenie’ enticing guests to come visit.

Although you can’t see it in this update, work is also progressing on the two ‘human’ added buildings – a former military base and a scientific station. The scale of the military bases is huge with a giant hanger

The landscape work in Avatar-land will also be impressive, but they’re still a long way from adding any of that detail.

Pandora – The World of Avatar, the land’s official name, will surround guests with all the incredible details you loved from the movies putting you in the story.

Head over to for amazing aerial photos of the Avatarland construction.

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