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The Purple MagicBand is now available to order


It’s finally here. The purple MagicBand is now available to order with your Disney World Resort Vacation or Annual Pass. Order yours from the My Disney Experience portion of the Disney World website.

When MagicBands were first issued, many guests wondered why they couldn’t order the color purple. There were rumors it was being reserved for Disney leadership and VIPs. Whether or not that was true, it was a pleasant surprise to see it as an option.


We recently renewed our annual passes and were able to order the purple MagicBand. Ours arrived in a nice looking box with a unique slide out drawer. Each annual passholder also gets a small slider for the band that identifies them as a passholder.


So far, I haven’t taken advantage of the customizable MagicBands you can find at Disney Springs or Tomorrowland, but purple has been an option there since December.

What other colors would you like for your MagicBand? I’d like a plain black band myself.

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3 thoughts on “The Purple MagicBand is now available to order”

  1. I also would like a black MagicBand if it were available. Would be nice if they went to two-tone band also. Black/Red, Yellow/Red, Blue/White – color combinations associated with the Fab 5.

  2. We got the purple last week when we got our bands as first time Passholders. No special box or sliders though. Maybe because even though the annual passes are all paid for (platinum) we haven’t actually received anything except the bands because we have to show proof of residency first and bought them less than a month before we go tomorrow.

  3. I might have to order a purple band before our next trip. We have at least a dozen different magic bands sitting around the house, since we get a new one every time we stay at a Disney resort (even though we’re passholders). We had decided after our last trip that we didn’t need new ones and would reuse the ones we got in December, but I think a purple one would be cool.

    Interesting that they gave you passholder sliders; on our first trip after our last renewal, they gave us DVC sliders, but not passholder sliders.

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