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A new trend in Disney t-shirts – simplicity.

Simple is the new mantra in Disney t-shirts for sale at Walt Disney World. I love these two new sets of tees each with their own simple design, but still appealing to Disney fans.

First was this set of four retro iconic ‘land’ t-shirt designs. The four icons represent Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Frontierland, and Adventureland. The designs are similar to the original park icons for Disneyland in 1955.

The second set is comprised of seven character designs each with a single descriptive word. Five of the seven dwarfs are among the designs but Snow White and Jimminy Cricket make an appearance too.

I like how the characters are relatively simple line drawings, but the descriptive word is easy to read. Pick the one that best describes you!

5 thoughts on “A new trend in Disney t-shirts – simplicity.”

  1. I like these over the shirts with too much going on. Gives them a “retro” look (i.e. they look like t-shirts from when I was a kid!)

  2. I like somewhere in between these…very plain and the over-the-top ones….I had a great T-shirt..wore out and asked then to make it again since everytime I wore it in the parks I would be asked where I bought it….had pictures of some of the Princesses….all together in the center with the saying “Where The Girls Are” underneath…it was perfect!!!! Very minimal but muted colors on white t-shirt.

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