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Disney Magic Kingdoms: The Game’s Official Teaser Video


Those with a long history of Disney’s online games will remember the much beloved and greatly missed Virtual Magic Kingdom. Last year at D23 a new game was announced that, while not a replacement for VMK, will at least let fans occupy the same emotional space.

Rather than being a desktop browser game, Disney Magic Kingdoms (DMK) will be for mobile devices using iOS, Android, or Windows. Check out the official teaser video here:

According to Disney Interactive, DMK “allows players to enter the timeless world of Disney and relive magical moments of the Parks by building fun attractions like Mickey’s Fun Wheel, Astro Orbiters, and Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor, and share spectacular moments with beloved Disney characters from Disney•Pixar’s Wall-E and Toy Story, Disney’s Tangled and more.”

So far I like what I can see of he game design. But it does appear to be missing some of the community elements that made VMK a hit. What do you think? Will you be playing when it comes out?

3 thoughts on “Disney Magic Kingdoms: The Game’s Official Teaser Video”

  1. hmm.. unfortunately, from the video, it seems more just like a money hole like The Sims or Megapolis or Sim City. I am going to guess there will be a lot of In App Purchases…

    1. Yes of course. Almost every game is like that especially for a block buster title. Developers don’t work for free.

  2. It needs to be more like vmk. That’s what people like, not a new version. It’s needs to have the same features like building your home and collecting stuff, hanging out with friends, and playing mini games. People loved vmk and will love to see a game like that again

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