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Videopolis – Violin cover of Shakira’s “Try Everything” from Disney’s Zootopia!


Last night I received a link to a terrific cover of Shakira’s “Try Everything” from Disney’s Zootopia! It’s the song from the movie that you won’t be able to stop humming as you walk out the theater. Here’s Anastasia Soina recording all the different parts and even adds a bit of cute Nick and Judy cosplay to boot:

Soina hails from the Russian City of Yekaterinburg and has played with the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic.

According to Soina, “Disney Animation has always been very interesting for me! I follow the release of new cartoons and always look forward to the premiere. Exciting stories, unusual characters, great music in cartoons leaves no one indifferent and attracts a lot of attention.”

Soina draws a lot of inspiration from the Disney cartoons of her childhood, “but to this day, Disney continues to delight us with beautiful creations. I decided to make a video for the next cartoon Zootopia, with a music cover of the Shakira song – Try Everything.”

Working on a video like this takes a lot of time. Weeks of preparation, a day of shooting, and two weeks of audio and video editing. Soina says, “I wish you all a pleasant viewing my cover versions and of course Disney’s Zootopia animated feature.”

Soina also has a part in this weird but awesome video of dueling violins and a prancing Darth Vader enjoying sometime in a park

A big thanks to Soina for sharing these videos with us and proving that Disney fandom knows no borders.

As always, if you have a video you’d like to include in our Videopolis series, send it our way.