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Merchandise Spotlight: New Princess T-Shirts at World of Disney

From time to time, I like to visit the stores and see what new merchandise catches my eye. There’s a new line of princess t-shirts that I find interesting. The four shirts each feature a different Disney princess with one of their identifiable slogans and some symbols from their movie, but in the background of each is the Walt Disney World located Cinderella Castle.

Without boldly declaring “Walt Disney World” these t-shirts still manage to capture that magical moment when a young guest has their first encounter with their favorite princess or walks through the castle and dreams of being a Disney princess.

I think this sort of aspirational merchandise does well for Disney, but I hardly ever see any of it.

I just checked online and while they’re not yet available on the Disney Store, I would keep my eyes open on the ‘New Arrivals‘ section to see if they turn up

1 thought on “Merchandise Spotlight: New Princess T-Shirts at World of Disney”

  1. I hope they turn up soon in the Disney Store site…these are really nice when so many of the shirts have Walt Disney World all over it….I just wold like some shirts that are characters. I once had a shirt…wore out…sent photo and asked them to make it again but no luck so far…that had all the Princesses on it (adult sized) and said “Where The Girls Are.” I wore that shirt for years in the parks and so many would ask where I got it….at the Floridian shop oh so many years ago!!! Loved that shirt and would love it again!!!!! But these are nice….

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